Grooming Services

Different Breeds require different services. At Pampered Pet Spa we break this into three different types of grooms.

  • Full Grooms
  • Half Grooms
  • Bath Grooms

The prices for each of these grooms are based on breed, size and weight,
and coat type.

All half grooms include the following:

All full grooms include the following:

Bath grooms:

Standing Appointments

Why wait until it’s past time for your pets haircut, only to find out that the next opening at the spa is a week away? Here at Pampered Pet Spa we’ll pre-book your appointments.

The Standing Program was developed for those who like to keep their pets tidied up in-between haircuts.

Don’t worry about making appointments again for the entire year!

Choose a day of the week that would be best for you and we will schedule your weekly, or bi-weekly appointment, for the rest of the year. Weekly and bi-weekly pets also receive a discount.

We recommend that your pet have a full haircut ever 4-6 weeks. By bringing your pet in more often for a half groom, they stay smelling nice feeling great in between haircuts.

This program is also great for pets that do not require haircuts, but like to get out and get dirty. No matter what your situation, we can freshen them up for you every week or every other week!

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